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Lucrative Real Estate: Jackson Hole, Wyoming





When purchasing real estate, consider the return on investment. Smart real estate purchases are ones that have a good resale value. It is also beneficial to own property you can profit from as a vacation/short term rental option. Spring Creek Ranch Realty specializes in the selling and buying of such properties in the Jackson Hole area.


Premier Real Estate Option

Jackson Hole is one of the top 20 real estate spots in the world for a few reasons; Wyoming is one of the best states for real estate in terms of taxes, it has a low population (under 9,000), offering plenty of space and room for growth, additionally, real estate is a growing business in the area. As Jackson grows in popularity, so does the property value.  Jackson Hole’s real estate appeal has attracted celebrities such as Harrison Ford and Sandra Bullock; both of whom own property in the area.


Jackson is also a popular area for tourists; more than three million tourists visit Jackson Hole each year. It offers attractions such as Yellowstone National Park, the Tetons, skiing, hiking, kayaking, and more. The popularity of the area makes it ideal for owning vacation rentals. On average, three-bedroom vacation rentals in Jackson Hole can range between $300-$500 per night. Five-bedroom vacation homes can be rented for over $2,000 a night.


Spring Creek Ranch Realty has experience in selling and buying Jackson Hole, Wyoming real estate. Check out their current listings.