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Why Own Real Estate in Teton Village?

Tucked on the outskirts of Jackson Hole, Wyoming sits the majesty of Teton Village. Visitors find solace among the Tetons’ natural beauty. With a scenic view from any angle of Teton Village, escaping to these mountains is becoming increasingly popular. Recently, people are purchasing real estate in Teton Village to capture the vistas as residents. Here’s why owning real estate in Teton Pines pays off in more ways than one.


Rental Possibility

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Teton Village remains a top tourist location. With easy access to the Jackson Hole Ski Lodge, Teton Village is the place for visitors. Owning real estate in Teton Pines grants the opportunity for creating a revenue-building resort. Many of the breathtaking residential buildings are partitioned for buyers. These buyers can then decide to keep the area as a personal residence, or rent it out as a resort condo. The condo market is growing rapidly in Teton Village. Owner of Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, Julie Faupel, explained that there is no real estate tax in the area as well as no out-of-state retirement tax. The levels of luxury and proximity to the Tetons and ski lodges create an incredible return on investment.


Valuable Land

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As more people discover the magic of Teton Village, there is less land available to purchase. Limited lots mean valuable lots. Buyers of real estate in Teton Village have many options with their land. One option is to build on the land. This increases the property value of the lot. An open lot lends creativity to buyers and builders as they choose what to build on the land. Another option is to keep the land and let it increase in value as the land in Teton Village becomes more limited. Only 3% of Jackson Hole is private property, adding exclusivity. Julie Faupel also explained how the median home prices in Jackson Hole have increased 15% just in the last year. Taxes are low in Jackson Hole which draws more people to buy real estate in Teton Village.

Perfect Getaway

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The perfect hub for outdoor adventures, Teton Village is a picturesque getaway. Only 2 ½ hours from Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole attracts families, outdoors enthusiasts, millennials, and professionals alike. Hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and white water rafting are just some of the attractive adventures Jackson Hole has to offer. The glacial lakes and white-capped mountains draw tourists all year long. Originally, tourists only came to Jackson Hole for ski season. However, Teton Village, part of the West Bank of the Snake River, increasingly attracts visitors for summer activities. Owning real estate in Teton Village gives the buyer a scenic vacation spot to escape to.